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What you do not know about raising wild cats

What you do not know about raising wild cats

wild cats

Exotic animals that are raised by some are known as pets as a group of large animals from the fighting fish to the Bengal tigers, but it is often wrongly assumed that all strange (or non-domesticated) felines pose the same threat or risk to humans as lions or tigers, but there are Few small cat types that most people do not know nor much about the possibility of becoming pets for those who can care for them.

Tigers, lions, and leopards often steal the limelight in documentaries about wildlife and zoos, which has become a problem for many types of unknown little cats that are in urgent need of public attention because of their threatening situation in the wild. However, there are many small to medium-sized cats that are sometimes raised as pets in the United States and are not in danger of extinction, and due to their small size and natural history, they do not pose a threat to humans either.

For everyone who owns it and is expected to take the behavior of ordinary dogs and cats, these strange cats will seem very difficult to navigate, however, the experience will be exceptionally rewarding for every person who is suitable for raising and caring for them and meets the conditions for that.

Before thinking about getting a wild cat as a pet, read these general rules:

For those who are considering caring for a strange (wild) cat in their house, make sure to do thorough research about it and its needs, and as a general rule you should know that these cats are generally:

Determine their urination areas, which may include furniture and walls and the owners themselves.
You need plenty of space outside the home and/or room for it.
You will need to see a veterinarian with experience in the zoo, which can be very expensive.
The purchase price ranges from $ 1500 to $ 20,000.
They often require permits and licenses that are not often given to ordinary pet breeders.
It will be very difficult to change her home.
It may prevent you from traveling.

Her food:

Many owners of domestic wild cats feed them with full boiled carcasses or dog food. Dried food items can also be included in their diet, which includes many different ingredients such as beef, lamb, goats, or boneless sheep, their liver, heart and intestines, and a variety of protein.

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