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What are the causes of snoring while sleeping?

snoring while sleeping

What are the causes of snoring while sleeping?
What are the causes of snoring while sleeping?

Snoring is defined as the disturbing sound that a person makes during his sleep, which is caused by the narrowing of the breathing passages. The degrees of sound produced by snoring vary between quiet and high. Snoring during sleep is a common problem that is not limited to one age group and not others, as some children may also suffer from it.

Causes of snoring. 

The injury of the throat or nose with certain problems, in addition to the wrong sleep, is one of the most common causes of snoring, in addition to various other reasons that we mention: Congenital causes such as narrowing of the throat and here it should be noted that the male throat is scientifically narrower compared to the woman’s throat. The problem is more prevalent among men, in addition to the age, which as it progresses, the narrowing of the throat increases, the sagging muscles and the fatty tissue resulting from the weight gain are also causes of snoring.

Symptoms of snoring

 are a common symptom of a snoring person who has headaches when he wakes up from sleep, lack of focus, lethargy, forgetfulness, trouble in the heart and lung.

snoring remedies

 Methods of treating snoring depend on the cause of his occurrence, as nasal problems such as the presence of excessive adenoids in it require a process to eradicate them, as is also the case with the problem of enlarged tonsils, and weight gain requires the person to follow an appropriate diet that helps him lose excess weight. Next, we develop a set of other methods that we have chosen for you and help reduce or eliminate snoring while sleeping:

Ensure that the person is eating dinner one or two hours before bed, to avoid the pressure on the diaphragm caused by the stomach and thus difficulty breathing and then snoring.

 Exercise of the larynx and larynx muscles by reading one's daily roses from the Noble Qur’an. Avoid sleeping on the back, as it is one of the wrong sleeping habits that cause shortness of breath and thus snoring.

Quit smoking.

Stay away from substances that lead to allergic rhinitis and dust and lead to nasal congestion.

 You can also take a hot bath before bed, as it will reduce the congestion.

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